Kitchen Cabinet Makeover…yay or nay?

I’m torn.

I have been debating for several months now on this issue. I have a mental “pros vs. cons” list formulating in my head on a daily basis, and I have finally had ENOUGH.

Bloggy friends, I need your help!

Kitchen cabinets………………dark wood finish or paint them white??

We moved into our condo hopefully planning to be here for a max of 5 years. It’s our starter home, and we figured it’s the perfect place to settle temporarily, have at least one kid in, and then say see ya later for a larger home. Therefore, resale is ALWAYS in the back of my mind. The condo was almost completely redone prior to us moving into it – new hardwood floors, a somewhat updated bathroom, and an updated kitchen.  Our kitchen is gorgeous for the small space, and initially I loved the cabinets in their dark finish. But I’m kind of tired of living in the future and thinking “but what if future buyers don’t like white cabinets??”

Here’s a few shots of the kitchen…’s raining today so there’s REALLY not much light in there. Excuse the poor photography.

My style has changed, and I now want them white. So here’s the battle that’s been going on in my head for some time now:

If we paint them white:

  • it will brighten the space a lot, and seeing as we have minimal windows, this is a good thing.
  • the kitchen may appear larger
  • I get my nice bright white kitchen :D 
  • potentially bad for resale?
  • might go bad with the back splash
If we leave them dark:
  • potentially better for resale
  • less work, as nothing will be done to them
  • my husband won’t want to kill me (i kid, i kid)
  • and yeah….I think thats all i have.
So my dear blog friends, I ask you……what would you do? What are your thoughts/opinions on going white? Will it potentially prevent us from selling in the future? Does it even matter?? HELP ME!!!!!!!
I will greatly appreciate it! :)


  1. Anonymous says:

    I vote for white or a whitewash because that is very hip now. I agree that it will make the room seem larger. Seems like your backsplash is a beige? That can totally go together. But match your white tone to the beige. If it is a gray/whir or a pink/white it will clash.

  2. I say go for it! You live there, enjoy it! Maybe you could do a dark backsplash to help contrast with the cabinets and tone done the white a little?

  3. I vote for white. I mean if your not planning on selling anytime soon, I would go for it. Not only that with all the kitchens ive been seeing lately whether it be in Blogland, Home-type shows or in magazines… white seems to be a pretty popular color, plus it will really brighten up the space which is always a plus!

  4. I vote for white, you can always cover up your backsplash tile (if you dont like them after the change) with beaded board and you will really get the cottage feel from your kitchen. You have beautiful countertops that will look great with white cabinets as well! Go for it, the more cohesive the whole house is the better. Good Luck!

  5. white all the way!

  6. You said " I loved the cabinets in their dark finish. But I'm kind of tired of living in the future and thinking "but what if future buyers don't like white cabinets".

    Who cares what the future buyers want? I think if you go white, it will make the counters and backsplash look really dingy. Besides the DIY painted cabinets I've seen in open houses always look like they were a weekend DIY project. :)

    You can't live in a space worrying about future people 5 years from now. If the day comes that a buyer says "we'd make an offer but can't because of the cabinets" then knock a $1K off the asking price and let THEM paint.

  7. If you're planning on living there for the next five or so years, make it the kitchen you want. Five years is a long time to live with something you don't really like.

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