How to Make Clay Knobs on the Cheap!

Okay I need to start by saying that I cannot take credit for this tutorial, but I am sure glad I found it. My friend and I have been obsessed with clay knobs she found on Etsy for a while now, but were totally peeved when we realized they were $6-$10 for ONE KNOB. That’s crazy pants. No thank you.

But much to my surprise, I found a tutorial on one of my favorite linky parties posted by Home for Hire on how to make these knobs yourself! My text message to my friend went like this…

Me: OHHHH MYYYY GOSSSHHHHHHH I FOUND IT!!!!!!! I found how to make those clay knobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited much? You bet. So all the props go to Home for Fire for this, but I figured I’d show you how it’s done OHP style. :)

Here’s what you need:
oven-bake clay (I used Sculpey like the tutorial suggested)
stamp ink pad
cheap knobs (mine were .98 at good ol’ Home Depot)

First, I rolled a piece of clay into a ball, a little bigger than the size of a quarter

I then pressed the knob down into the ball, flattening the clay out. I will say I probably should have rolled it out like Home for Hire suggested, but well…I got way ahead of myself and forgot that step.

Next, I shaped the clay using my hands like so, pushing some of the clay back over the knob. Then I molded it down so it evenly covered the knob all around.

Here comes the fun part…the stamping! I chose these stamps because they reminded me of vintage stamps or postcards. I pressed the stamp down into the clay so it would make a slight indent as well.

Then pop these babies into the oven according to the directions on your clay package. AND THAT’S IT. You did it. You made clay knobs! FOR CHEAP! I only made three and barely made a dent in my clay.

Corny, I know. :)
I decided to put them on the buffet in our dining room.

They add a nice touch, don’t they? Next up…kitchen cabinets! Or maybe that’s overkill? We’ll see! And for your viewing pleasure….here’s our pup :)

Sittin’ pretty :) Have a great rest of the weekend! And stay tuned for another round of Monday Musings tomorrow!


  1. Cool! I made around 30 of these years ago for my “Mexican kitchen”. I didn’t have a tutorial, and they still turned out great. I first made the plain knob cover, then made skinny snakes out of different colors and spiraled them onto the top of the knob. Yes, a lot of work! They lasted for many years and I loved that I made them!
    Thank you for your awesome simplified directions!

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