Sweet Little Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!
Mother Nature has been incredibly moody lately, so it was a hooooooooot day here in CT. Hot, but cloudy, and muggy…one of those days where you literally don’t even attempt to do anything to your hair except a ponytail because otherwise it will look like crap in 3 seconds flat.
And today was the day we happened to go apple-picking. Probably not the best choice, but we had a decent time nonetheless with our friends from church and their kiddos. I must confess, I’m starting to feel veryyyyyyyy left out being the only girl with no baby on my hip…………………… :)
Anyways, I have a new love for Mutsu apples (ever heard of ’em?). They are kind of like granny smith but better. I’m sitting here chomping away on one as I type. :)
So I’m REALLY excited because the hubs and I completely rearranged our bedroom today and it looks so great!!!!! We are getting closer to being finished with our master bedroom makeover. We leave for Europe in 5 days (AHHHHHHH), so all DIYing will be coming to a halt for a week or so. Here’s a sneak peek on what I’ve been working on…
Also, I added some new stuff to our Etsy shop today….burlap wine bag table numbers! A friend of mine gave me the idea (she is one of the 587121334277129709817532 friends I have getting married this year), and I just had to do it. Cute, right?
So if you’re getting married, or know someone getting married, and think these would be a cute addition to your tables, please contact me! :)
Hope you had a great weekend!

My love for all things ETSY.

I’m having an affair….and his name is ETSY.

If you have never checked out this website, I’d like to tell you that you’re insane. You have no idea what you are missing. If you haven’t already googled “etsy” since beginning this post, I demand that you type it into google NOW.
Did you do it?
I’m serious….GOOGLE.
This website is like an Ebay for handmade and vintage items, and its really amazing to see how creative and talented some people are. For me, Etsy had become a source of inspiration – I have been able to recreate some of the beautiful items I find. Mainly because I could not fathom spending the money some sellers are charging easily made items for. Some call it copying, I call it being SMART.
For example, I recently found antique wooden printer drawers that are recreated into nifty jewelry displays. Sure, I could buy one….if I felt it was worth the $100+ (not including shipping).
Well I don’t…and I’ve made my own for less than half of that. :)
However, I also found a seller who sells handmade burlap stockings that are simply amazing. I do not own a sewing machine (yet…if my husband does not know what to get me for Christmas, THIS IS WHAT I WANT!), nor can I sew anything more than a hem or button at this point so for me it was completely worth spending the money to have these beautiful stockings. And can I tell you how I can’t wait for Christmas simply to hang them on my mantle?
(Christmas?!! I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas…)
So, if you are into being crafty and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after creating something yourself, then I highly recommend checking out the site. The inspiration is endless. And if you like handmade things, you will find some really beautiful pieces of art. Some of the items you may find are absolutely worth buying, and I’ve purchased some incredible creations from various sellers that I would buy again if I had to (not to mention the sellers are SO NICE). But I also feel that some of the items can be made for significantly less. So it all depends on how creative you feel like being.
And I must say my $20 jewelry display is looking mighty fine hanging on my bedroom wall….:)
Pictures to come!