Pottery Barn and West Elm Inspired DIY Rope Chandelier


Okay so I haven’t done a DIY post in quite some time, so I’m reeeaaaallllyyyy excited to share this with you!

 I’ve yet to post about Landon’s nursery because there’s a few finishing touches I need to complete! But I thought I would share one of my favorite elements of his room. I decided to go with a nautical theme for the nursery, but not overly cheesy nautical because that’s just not my thing. Nautical like….little touches of it here and there. With my vintage flair. Cause that’s more my style 😉

I found this chandelier a while ago, and I can’t even remember where…probably on Pinterest or another blog. I fell in love with it and thought it would be perfect in his nautical-but-not-really-nautical nursery.

{via West Elm}

Then I came across this one…


 {via Pottery Barn}

Nautrally, they were from West Elm and Pottery Barn with a price tag WAY too big for my DIY-self. Womp womp. But that was probably for the better and it inspired my latest project!

I had an old chandelier lying around that a friend picked up for me at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a whopping $10. It needed a little makeover, and was the perfect size to use in baby boy’s room. I have an abundance of twine from my Etsy shop, and knew that I could get a pretty close replica of the West Elm and Pottery Barn version with some help from a little hot glue.

I would give you step by step directions on how to do this, but it was actually way easier than I thought….I simply wrapped the twine around the chandelier, hot gluing where I felt it was needed as I went.





If you want to attempt to do this yourself, all you need is:

a roll of twine (I didn’t even use one full roll!)

hot glue

 an old chandelier (mine was $10!)

Again…all I did was wrap the twine around and glue along the way! Seriously, easiest (yet, really time consuming) DIY project ever. And total cost of project? Less than $20.

I had debated putting shades on each light, but wasn’t crazy about how it looked when I tried it out. And I used a lower watt bulb, so the light isn’t as stark in the room as I thought it would be without the shades. It’s actually the perfect amount of brightness.

What do you think? Does it give the room a touch of nautical flare? I’m loving it!


Farmhouse Dining Room Table

I’ve been talking about getting rid of our dining room table for a while now. While it’s a great table, it’s simply too dark for my taste. Plus it shows every spec of dust no matter how much you clean it. I had been eyeing these farmhouse table plans from Ana White for months and finally convinced my husband that we just NEEDED to build it. And that we (he?) did.

farmhouse dining room table

We made some minor adjustments to the original plans. For instance, I do not need a dining table that’s 98″ long. So we measured our old table and adjusted the plans accordingly. Our table is 72″ long, and roughly 42″ wide. (Hint: Home Depot cuts the wood for you!)

farmhouse dining room table

We also didn’t bother to use wood glue…we never do. I actually prefer the look of the wood screws in the wood. I feel it adds a rustic touch, plus it’s less time consuming.

farmhouse dining room table

I painted the bottom of the table Simply White by Benjamin Moore, which is my new favorite white. I stained the top my all time favorite Minwax stain, Special Walnut #224. It’s the perfect stain to give a weathered look. I used polycrylic on top, and chose a flat finish because I felt that made the wood look even more natural.

farmhouse dining room table

I am SO thrilled with how it turned out! And the best part? It cost a total of $100! Now I just need some gorgeous dried hydrangeas for that galvanized bucket and some really fabulous chairs (which, as you know, I already have two of :)) More to come!

farmhouse dining room table

From Our Hiding Place

Updating Bathroom Tile with Grout Refresh

It’s been a while since the hubs and I have done any DIY around here, but we are getting back into the swing of things (or well, he is…not so much me. I’m directing from the couch 😉 )! We are mainly focusing on sprucing up the place a bit to prep for baby and the house guests we will be having for the summer. Our plans are simple and just involve a little paint and minor, budget-friendly updates!

The one room in our townhouse that wasn’t fully updated prior to us moving in was our downstairs half bathroom. The previous owner had replaced the sink, but that was about it. We gave it a little makeover last year, but the one thing that’s bugged me since moving here over 3 years ago is the tile and awful stained, dirty looking grout that would not come clean regardless of what cleaning product I used. We had debated re-tiling, but the tile itself is in perfect condition…and there’s no sense in replacing something that doesn’t really need it. Especially when we hope to move soon (<—-I’ve only been saying this for 2+ years).

Recently, I came across this little gem of a product.

Mapei Grout Refresh. I had read some reviews about it on other blogs, and finally decided it was time to try it ourselves. People……….this stuff is amazing. I mean, actually amazing. Like…I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Please excuse poorly taken iPhone photo, but this is the only example I have of a before and after.


CRAZY, right?! I mean, the tile looks brand freakin’ new. Best part? It cost $12!

I was going to attempt to tackle this project myself, but Pat felt the need to get his hands on it and get to work. So naturally, I let him finish the whole floor :) The directions were easy to follow, and it was really easy to apply. Pat used a toothbrush to apply the product directly on the grout in between each tile. The one downside?  It was a little time-consuming on our part (or Pat’s part) because our bathroom tiles are sooooo small. But, hey it got done. And looks awesome!

I feel like I have a whole new bathroom! I’m seriously planning on Grout Refresh-ing everything I can get my hands on. Our shower tiles are next on the list!

Have you tried Mapei Grout Refresh before? What were your results like? 

Can’t wait to share more of our budget-friendly DIY with you!


I have not been compensated for this post. All opinions of Grout Refresh are my own. I just highly recommend this amazing product and felt the need to write about it. :)

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