Pottery Barn Inspired Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: Pottery Barn
I know. Beautiful isn’t it? Can’t you just imagine it hanging in your home? I could too….but NOT for $399. But lucky me has an electrician for a husband!! And here’s how I convinced him he was just the guy for the job..our conversation went somewhat like this:
Me: Honey! I have a new job for you that I know you’ll be REALLY GREAT at.
Him: What’s that?
Me: We are going to make this! (showing him picture) You are the best electrician in the world, I know you can do it! And I will help you!
Him: Oh alright.
Okay, so it didn’t take much convincing. After we got all the materials and sat down to start our project, he actually tried to refuse my help! Then again, what guy doesn’t love DIY projects?
The Pottery Barn version has 16 jars, measuring 35 inches wide by 32 inches high.  Our condo’s small kitchen could not accommodate a chandelier that size (which is where we planned on hanging the fixture). So we scaled it down to half the size of the PB version and planned on using only 8 jars (we can also expand it in the future!)
Here’s a shot of the transformation of a jar to a light!
Lined up and ready to be wired!

We were smooth sailing until discussing how we would actually mount the fixture to the ceiling, and what type of fixture we would use.  We could have used the back of a vanity light, which was our initial plan, but I felt like it could still be done cheaper and look nicer. Which is when yours truly put her carpenter hat on and decided we would build the ceiling mount ourselves from wood. I was the brains behind the building of it, while he helped put it together :) A little Rustoleum Dark Bronze Hammered Spray Paint gave it the rustic metal finish it needed. I also sprayed one coat of the spray paint on the tops of the jars. This allowed some of the original silver to show through, adding to the look.
And when all was said and done, we were left with this…..

I love it!  And it added some extra light to our kitchen!

Our very own PB inspired mason jar chandelier…for less than $100.

What do you think? We are so proud of our work! :)

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