The Easiest Beauty Tip You Will Ever See

It’s that time of year again (if you don’t live somewhere it gets cold, and you have a sun kissed glow all year round…I am entirely jealous of you. Also, let’s be buds so I can come visit). The time of year when the air is so dry that your hair looks like you just shoved a fork in an electrical socket.

Static electricity. FOR YOUR HAIR.

This is just annoying to deal with. You go to run your fingers through your luscious locks and end up with little hairs sticking straight out that refuse to calm back down. Whether you give a crap about your hair or not, this is still annoying.

But I have a solution. And that solution is Static Guard.

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Seriously ladies! This stuff not only works on your clothes, but your hair too! I keep a travel can in my purse at ALL times during the winter. The bottle suggests spraying it onto your hair brush, but I just spray it right in my hair if it’s feeling a little static-y. No, it’s not exactly an organic solution, but it works.

So get your spray on this cold weather season! And seriously, if you live somewhere warm, I am MORE than willing to help you watch your house or something. But only if it’s near the beach.


Rocker Glam

Skulls and Tulle - From Our Hiding Place

Skulls and Tulle - From Our Hiding Place

Skulls and Tulle - From Our Hiding Place


{My outfit} Dress: Target (SOLD OUT. I’m so sorry :( ) // Blouse: TJMaxx (similar), similar // Tights: Betsey Johnson // Boots: G by Guess // Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)

{Landon’s outfit} Onesie: Patriot Depot // Shirt: BabyGap // Pants: BabyGap // Hat: Hand-me-down. :)

Ever get all dressed up with nowhere to go? That’s what happened to me this weekend.

I’ve been waiting to wear this dress from Target for over a month. I finally decided to wear it to church this past Sunday, but then a certain baby decided to not sleep overnight, or go down for his nap on time Sunday morning. And then a certain husband forgot that I needed time to get ready and was too busy doing invoices for his company, which resulted in me getting ready late because of the baby who went down for his nap late (who I was taking care of). And then when we finally got ourselves together, a certain husband completely missed the exit for church. And at that point we just gave up because service was more than half over anyway. *sigh*

Oh well, there’s always next week, right?

I felt so rocker-glam wearing this tulle dress with my skull blouse and chunky diamond necklace. I also haven’t worn a dress in uhhhhh, forever? so that felt really amazing as well. And I’m basically dying over the little man’s pants from BabyGap. They are just the cutest! It’s hard to see his onesie in these pictures (we were rushed, the Seahawks were on again), but my husband obviously approved of the purchase. Check out the link to see why. :)


I Remember.

I can remember it like it was yesterday.

It was September 11th, and I was a sophomore in high school sitting in Mrs. Mastrobattisto’s English class during second period. We were discussing the first book on our reading curriculum, and it was still too early in the morning. Summer break had just recently ended, so every student was still in that sleep haze that comes when you go from waking up at 10am every day to 6:30am to catch the bus. To the left of me was a kid half asleep, and to the right another doodling in his notebook. He was one of those kids that you wondered if he actually took a shower everyday. Hair disheveled and clothes a mess, he cared more about his doodle than the book we were discussing.

The announcement came over the loudspeaker a little before 9am, and we knew it was important because our headmaster was the one speaking. That voice only came overhead when something was REALLY wrong.

“A plane has struck one of the World Trade Center towers…”

My mind automatically went to the NYC skyline I knew so well. Living only a hour from it, it kind of became a staple of my childhood. Those two towers were a key part of how I recognized Manhatten on our drives to the airport for family vacations.

My English teacher’s face dropped. She started dialing a number on the classroom phone and kept repeating a name over and over again. Apparently she had a close friend who lived in SoHo. She tried to turn our classroom TV on, but it wasn’t working.

The French teacher next door to our classroom rushed in to say she could get some choppy media coverage on her TV. We all started to move into her room to check out the news, and that’s when I heard him. Doodle kid next to me.

“My aunt works in that building…..”

My heart just sunk. If there was ever a time to bring completely opposing classmates together, this was it. Because we all made sure he got his butt down to the main office to check in with his family, and I’m pretty sure we all said a prayer under our breaths that his aunt was okay. (She ended up being fine)

As we huddled into the next classroom, our stomachs were in knots as we all physically watched the second plane strike the South Tower. And that’s when we knew it wasn’t an accident.

The rest of the day was spent huddled around those old box televisions wherever we could possibly find one with cable. We never resumed classes as scheduled that day because no one could concentrate. I remember just wanting to call my mom and dad so badly to tell them I loved them. Since I couldn’t (I didn’t have a cell phone yet), I hunted down one of my best friends instead and sat with her in the school library as we watched the days events unfold. Because friends are family when family can’t be there. And I think both of us will have that memory embedded into our brains forever.

I remember it like it was yesterday, and it was twelve years ago today.

Where were you?


From Our Hiding Place